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Environmental Policy:

My position, as per industrialisation of our greater area and indeed, housing estates going out into Greenfields, is that it is entirely unnecessary.  All throughout the Sydney area and out to Macarthur, there are masses of spare blocks of land.  The smaller blocks, which are on practically every street, should be utilised to build affordable housing, instead of building mass estates that need infrastructure for upper middle class residents; mass estates for lower classes (including housing commission); and more industrial estates when there are plenty of them already, mostly underutilised! For example there is currently more industrial expansion going on beside the M7.  Surely more Greenfields do not need to be developed as well! The greed of developers needs to be kept in check and that is indeed one reason why I am running as an Independent; to provide a balanced view and a voice for the people in our Parliament.

We need to keep our open green spaces and indeed encourage the establishment of more wetlands and more forested areas, to ensure an environmental balance is kept in our area and minimise the build up of pollution from the greater Sydney Industrial area.  Campbelltown is particularly a "bowl" that collects pollution and we certainly do not need any more sources of industrial pollution nearby.  Our aim should be to clean up the air, not to provide more sources to pollute it!