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About Kingsley:

Chimezie Kingsley is well involved in Community Affairs in Campbelltown and wider western Sydney.  He has worked extensively in Community Welfare and the Disability Industry as well as being involved with Migrant Assistance and Youth Development Programs. 

Kingsley has been sitting on the Board of Australia Africa Initiative since 2006.  This NGO supports interaction between Australians and African Migrants and supports aid to various African Charities.  He is also a founding member of the Multicultural Australia Party (MAP) which promotes a voice for all Australians – not just the traditional heartland voters for the major political parties. 

Chimezie Kingsley strongly believes that there are many Australians who are not being listened to and that they need representation in our State Parliament.  The landscape of Australia, in particular New South Wales, with its large multicultural capital city, is constantly changing and growing.  Old ideas, from the Federation of Australia and before, need updating to cope with these rapid changes.  The traditional parties seem stuck in the past and in their bogged down policies and biases.  New South Wales needs fresh blood and new ideas to bring her into the future as a vibrant and exciting state that welcomes investment and values its citizens.

The people of New South Wales need true representation and a fair go!   Kingsley would like to stand up in the NSW Parliament as a voice for fairness and equity for all, unhindered by the Party room Politics of the Major Parties who have really lost their way.  He also would like to be a true local representative of the people of the Campbelltown area and is freely available to talk to anyone who has any concerns or issues that they would like brought forward.