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As the days draw closer to the Polling Day, I am inviting the people of Campbelltown Electorate to come out en masse on March 26, 2011 and vote for me, an Independent Candidate. For too long, the people of Campbelltown have only had two choices, Labour or Liberal.  We have elected Party Politicians who have done little for us and have felt powerless for too long.

I am an ordinary citizen, who understands what the families of this area are going through.  Enough is enough; we need true representation from someone who is an everyday working person.  Bills, mortgages and rents are going up everyday and people are not coping.  The normal everyday dreams are becoming impossible dreams, while people dread going to their letterboxes each day. 

Campbelltown needs an Independent Representative in the NSW State Parliament; an Independent, who only works for the community; who will work for and with the people of the Electorate.  They need someone who will consult with them and involve them in decision making.  I will be an Independent Member of Parliament, who will be available to the electors on a frequent basis; not a party political puppet who will be caught up in caucus meetings and party political functions. 

NSW has become like a locomotive train.  One Party drives the train, and then runs out of steam.  Then the next Party takes over and has their turn at driving the train.  Even if the train is falling apart, they do not care, as long as they get where they want to go personally.  We need to put a stop to the Parties controlling our Government as if it is their own private enterprise; we need checks and balances in Government; we need representation for the people, not just the Party.

As I walk around the streets of Campbelltown talking to people, I hear them saying “I don’t like either party”; “I just tick the boxes”; “My vote doesn’t count for much”; “There is nothing I can do”.

Now there is something you can do.  Don’t vote for a major political party; don’t just tick the boxes; make your vote count and do something for Campbelltown.

Vote 1 Chimezie  Kingsley   for Campbelltown

An Independent who will work hard for your interests and not toe any party line.